October 2019 - Clean Earth Technologies
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‘Clean Mining’ technology to help Australia’s growing interest in gold

Since 2018, Australian interest in gold has surged, accompanied by a growing investment in mineral exploration. The Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that the country spent 19% more on both gold and mineral exploration compared to the previous year.* Jeff McCulloch, the Manager Director of Clean Mining Limited (a part of the Clean Earth Technologies…
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menzies field-testing

Thiosulphate-based solution replaces cyanide in gold recovery test at Menzies Gold Hub

PERTH, WESTERN AUSTRALIA Experts have successfully validated thiosulphate’s ability to serve as a non-toxic replacement for cyanide in gold recovery. The recent demonstration project at the Menzies Gold Hub showcased the solution’s capacity to operate in-field and at scale. Previously, thiosulphate had only undergone laboratory test work. Thiosulphate is an inorganic compound, a salt, which…
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Mercury Free Mining

Toxic mercury exposure affects millions of miners

In many developing nations, artisanal and small-scale gold mines (ASGM) use mercury to recover gold. Miners use it as a crude and ineffective, albeit cheap, method of separating gold ore from soil and sediments. However, there are no adequate safeguards to protect the miners or the environment from toxic exposure to mercury. Large amounts of…
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