December 2020 - Clean Earth Technologies

Gold Mining and the Green New Deal

Due to the evolution of the mining industry and tightening government regulations, gold mining companies may need to re-evaluate their business practices. A series of movements, policy proposals, and approved pieces of legislation around the world are pushing “green new deals” designed to slash emissions and foster greater sustainability. These efforts seek to create opportunities…
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COVID-19 as The Great Reset — Gold Mining Operators to Build Back Better

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the mining industry. Supply chains were disrupted when many mining companies scaled down their activities, and this has resulted in stalled expansion projects which hinder efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Recovery and re-starting growth will be an arduous process for gold mining operators. But…
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Mining Assets and Climate Risk

Climate-associated risks will make mining assets more vulnerable. The demand for water may exceed available supply, and natural disasters, along with the necessity to avoid emissions-intensive projects, will increasingly require mining operators to reconcile their asset evaluation with climate change. The mining and metals industry is currently challenged by emission-reduction efforts and increasingly stricter legislation,…
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