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The good Earth gives us so much. Our food, the energy to power cities and our lives, minerals to build with, and even precious minerals such as gold.
We need to value these gifts, ethically and transparently, so that we can continually look at ways to enable a cleaner, richer earth.


We believe there can be a new, more transparent exchange of technologies and solutions that enable a cleaner approach and outcome for tapping the earth’s richness.

To do this, we enable companies and communities to have access to consultancy and evaluations of their environment and opportunities. Our turnkey solution is versatile and includes cutting edge new reagents and the processes and equipment necessary to capture, contain, and eliminate harmful substances.

Key example areas include: eliminating cyanide and mercury in the gold recovery process; managing fertiliser absorption in order to protect waterways and preserve plant nutrients; removing harmful materials while recovering valuable base metals in e-waste; and containing and cleaning up oil spills.

Clean Earth Technologies possesses its own in-field validation, including production facilities in Menzies, West Australia. As such, we believe our customers can have the necessary confidence in our abilities to provide the appropriate materials, processes, plants, and/or equipment to fit their needs (whether opex- or capex-related), including our unique “Plant as a Service” offering.


Paul Hanna

Paul Hanna

Chairman and Co-Founder

Paul Hanna has extensive management and entrepreneurial experience, with more than 40 years in property, technology development, distribution and franchising.

As Chairman and Co-Founder of Nu-Fortune Gold Ltd and a Director of GRX Singapore Pty Ltd, Paul provides strategic advice and financial insights to help guide the company’s direction and results.

He is also currently Managing Director of Perth-based finance group Royal Corporate Pty Ltd specialising in boutique funding solutions across Australia.

Kevin Fell

Kevin Fell

Group CEO

Kevin Fell has over 20 years of leadership experience across a variety of technology-related organisations.

He has operated in C-level roles within ASX-listed companies, such as the former ASX-listed mining, oil, and gas solutions provider ISS Group. He has also been involved in several private investment and corporate advisory firms, as well as in key technology consulting roles for PwC in Asia-Pacific.

His work is centered on full business and product life cycle development: from conceptualisation and commercialisation, through to executive sales and global operational management for both start-up & corporate enterprises.

Based in Singapore, Kevin is currently a senior advisor to both GRX Pte Ltd, Nu-Fortune Gold Ltd, and Grey Innovation Pte Ltd.

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly

Regional Vice President, Sales

Paul Kelly has a highly successful background in achieving business growth through enhanced, diverse, and sustainable strategies, with an emphasis on cost containment and revenue growth.

Paul has been involved in the mining and metals industry in particular for more than a decade. He has been the non-executive director at several mining development and minerals exploration companies in Australia. He is currently a non-executive director at Eco Minerals Research Ltd., and is also a current director and former chairman of the Clough Foundation, the charitable arm of Clough Ltd.

At Clean Earth Technologies, Paul has taken on roles across all facets of the business, including sales, marketing, and investor relations.

Corporate Details

Clean Earth Technologies is incorporated and headquartered in Singapore. Its office is home to a team of driven individuals whose backgrounds span a wide range of industries and is located in the heart of Singapore’s financial district.

Clean Mining, part of the Clean Earth Technologies group, is located in Perth, Australia. Its focus is currently on developing the Clean Gold technology, brand, and service. CML has a full complement of mining and metallurgy specialists and convenient access to in-field testing and production at their Menzies ore-processing production hub in West Australia.

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