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Eco-drawcard needed for millennials in mining

Environmental responsibility is a top priority for millennials and could be the drawcard the mining industry needs to address a shortage of talent in the industry, according to experts heading for an international mining conference in Africa next month, from 3rd – 6th February 2020.

The Africa 2020 Mining Outlook, released ahead of Investing in African Mining Indaba, warns that the future of the international mining industry depends on younger generations joining the workforce. To attract and retain future leaders, the industry needs to better align its culture and practices with the values and expectations of millennials who consider the environment a top priority.

The adoption of safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly solutions, such as those developed by Clean Earth Technologies, will play an important role in changing current perceptions and encouraging millennials to pursue careers in mining.

Clean Mining, a part of the Clean Earth Technologies group, has developed a cyanide- and mercury-free gold processing solution with the potential to transform the gold mining industry. The innovative new technology potentially eliminates the need for tailing dams with options for a de-watering process that produces dry tailings (waste material from the gold recovery process). This removes the risk of tailings dam failures which have been responsible for environmental devastation in numerous regions, including last year’s Brumadinho Dam disaster in Brazil. The collapse of the dam claimed 270 lives and ejected 12 million cubic metres of toxic waste into the environment.

The Africa 2020 Outlook points to Deloitte’s article, “Tracking the trends 2019,” which warns that young people are deciding against mining careers, and that their poor perception of the industry was one of the top issues that would transform the future of mining. The article also mentions the industry is relying on a narrow pool of manpower and needs to shift its attraction and retention policies in order to increase the diversity and available talent pool.

Research indicates that millennials (those aged 24 – 39) and Gen Z’ers (23 and younger) have different priorities for the workplace than previous generations. Deloitte’s “Global Millennial Survey 2019” shows the top concerns for Millennials and Gen Z’ers around the world are climate change, protecting the environment and natural disasters, surpassing issues like unemployment, terrorism, crime and war.

Feedback from South African survey respondents also indicated that millennials were keen to work in areas that created change and had a positive social impact.

By significantly reducing the environmental impact of mining operators, Clean Mining’s breakthrough gold processing solution offers an appealing drawcard to young career seekers.

Joining over 6,000 international delegates, Clean Earth Technologies’ presence at Mining Indaba will help focus the spotlight on the pressing challenges and opportunities that are shaping the future of the global mining industry.

*Sources: Africa 2020 Mining Outlook; “Tracking the trends 2019” (Deloitte); “Global Millenial Survey 2019” (Deloitte)

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