A Winning Business in Sustainability: Clean Earth Technologies

At the Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) Singapore’s 2021 Business Awards last week, Clean Earth Technologies (CET) emerged as the winner of the Australian High Commission Singapore Sustainability Award.

Introduced to the AustCham Business Awards last year, the newly minted sustainability award is presented to a company whose business operations or solutions have demonstrated excellence in embodying sustainability as an integral part of its business practice. AustCham Singapore mentioned in its congratulatory LinkedIn post to CET that CET is a champion of sustainable business practices, showing innovation and a commitment to sustainability.

“We are delighted to be the winner of the 2021 Australian High Commission Singapore Sustainability Award. It is a strong recognition of our continuous commitment to sustainability, which has been at the core of our business since day one. It’s the very reason why we started Clean Earth Technologies,” Chairman & Group CEO of CET, Mr Kevin Fell, said.

One of CET’s main solutions towards sustainability is its award-winning gold recovery solution that is owned by Clean Mining Pty Ltd (CML), a part of the CET Group. An important scientific breakthrough, the innovative ore processing technology eliminates the use of toxic cyanide and mercury in the treatment of precious metal ores—gold in particular. This technology is suitable for all gold mining operations, regardless of size, scale and location. While delivering similar gold recovery rates to cyanide, CET’s technology ensures better health and safety of employees, the environment and local communities.

“Our innovative gold recovery solution is a breakthrough for the gold mining industry to get rid of the use of toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment and human life,” Mr Fell added.

CET seeks to transform gold production worldwide by offering a new global gold standard—toxic-free ore processing. That is the only way that gold mining can continue in a sustainable manner for generations to come.

CET has secured two contracts from Australian gold mining company NuFortune Gold. In using CET’s award-winning non-toxic gold recovery solution and innovative extraction technology, NuFortune Gold will be Australia’s first “Clean Gold” producer.

CET’s second solution for Clean Urban Mining is to create a circular economy for e-waste by removing metals from waste electronics without the use of toxic and energy intensive processes involving cyanide, acids or smelting. This solution was developed by Flinders University in Adelaide. The inventor of this solution together with the invention of a novel class of polymers, helped Associate Professor Justin Chalker from Flinders University win the Australian Prime Minister’s prestigious “New Innovator Award” for the year 2020, under the Australian Awards for Science.Hero image: <Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham) Singapore>