Providing Oil and Gas Spills Solutions - Clean earth Technologies


Oil and gas spills are a regular, long-lasting threat to the environment, with few truly effective and economical methods for cleanup. Indeed, some current methods, such as applying toxic dispersants, are even dangerous to the wider marine environment.


Consultancy and Evaluation

Certain variations of our polysulfide are being evaluated in oil and gas spill cleanup. They are porous and hydrophobic, and therefore promising tools in oil spill remediation. These materials can be used to remove oil slicks from the surface of waterways, clearing the way for native wildlife.



Current research indicates that the porous polysulfides can capture oil in seconds. Their elastic properties are especially helpful, as they allow for simple mechanical recovery of the oil and reuse of the polysulfide.

Future Development


Given successful laboratory tests, our eyes are set on commercialising our material for oil sorbent applications in the near future. Our efforts are also being directed toward enhancing oil uptake, to create more efficient, next-generation oil sorbents. The use of our material has many potential advantages, including faster uptake, lower costs, scalability, and reusability.