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We welcome partnerships from associations and clubs that wish to embark on a mutual collaboration


Artisanal Gold Council - Partnership

Artisanal Gold Council

The Artisanal Gold Council is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the opportunities, environment, and health of the millions of people involved in Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining in the developing world, and in doing so, improving the global gold sector.

The Philippine Mining Club - Partnership

The Philippine Mining Club

The Philippine Mining Club has been established to form better relationships across all areas of the Philippine mining industry. Affiliated with the globally-recognized Melbourne Mining Club our aim is to uphold a professional networking environment in order to promote the minerals industry for those with an interest in the sector.

Singapore Mining Club - Partnership

Singapore Mining Club

The Singapore Mining Club was formed in early 2014 by mining industry professionals who recognised the benefit that could be provided by an active industry association to support further development of Singapore’s growing mining industry.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (AustCham)

The Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (AustCham)

The Chamber is a platform for connecting members with the Singapore business community, government and each other. We advocate on behalf of members as the voice of Australian business, keeping you informed of the latest local and regional issues and opportunities. At AustCham we are committed to helping our members achieve business success in Singapore.

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