MetalsTech partnership affirms potential of non-toxic gold recovery agent

On the 18th of February 2020, Clean Earth Technologies officially partnered with MetalsTech Limited (MTC), a gold exploration and development company based in Western Australia and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. This partnership is specifically focused on testing CET’s award-winning, non-toxic gold recovery agent for gold recovery at MTC’s Sturec Gold Project in Slovakia.

The agreement comes at an opportune time, as Slovakia is one of the various European nations—the Czech Republic, Germany, and Hungary, to name a few—who have already banned the use of toxic cyanide in gold recovery. Testing will be carried out on existing drill cores and ore samples from small-scale mining operations at Sturec and will pave the way for further enquiry into the viability of implementing CET’s non-toxic solution in other countries like Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This innovative solution, developed alongside Australia’s CSIRO and put through rigorous validation processes, completely eliminates the need to use toxic cyanide in gold recovery by introducing a non-toxic leaching reagent to recover the precious metal.

On the agreement, MTC Chairman Mr Russell Moran commented: “Sturec has the potential to become a world class gold mine. However, unlocking this potential rests on our ability to operate in a safe and environmentally respectful manner. We have partnered with Clean Earth Technologies specifically because they are committed to transforming the gold mining industry through the implementation of clean and non-toxic solutions. A cyanide-free alternative for the mining industry is well overdue. We look forward to working with Clean Earth Technologies and being part of their vision for a cleaner greener mining industry.”

The Sturec Gold Mine possesses a “significant exploration upside,” and has historically produced 1.5 million ounces of gold, as well as 6.7 million ounces of silver.